Getting Sky quickly! Gary Rhodes series wanted

    Ok, I have seen starting tomorrow (Monday) that there is a new Gary Rhodes cooking series. For several weeks where he travels all over China. I really want this series but find it is only on UKTV Food. It appears to be only carried by Sky (and Virgin). Damn!

    I have my old Sky box, not used for several years, I have the old card, still have the dish and it all works except the card is 'expired'.

    1) Does anyone know what my options are to get Sky working again, most likely with a my card reactivated but a cheap package - wasn't there something about a 'one off card' in stores, would that do?

    2) Should I miss tomorrows episode, do UKTV regualrly repeat stuff so i maybe can get it later in the week/

    3) From experience, do series like this later get repeated on Freeview channels - or even released on DVD?

    4) Can anyone think of another way? I don't know anyone with Sky or who could be relied on to record this for several weeks!

    Thanks for any help or advice.


    I think you would need to subscribe to a cheap package, just give them a call, UKTV Foood isnt a Freeview channel so that is not an option.

    If you know about torrents then you could try that but I'm afraid unless you know someone who can tape it for you then you will have to go through Sky (aslong as they can activate your card) if it is to old then you will have to wait for a new one( same goes for the box) and signing up to Virgin could take the better part of a week but they do have a better feature for watching shows that have already been on. (someone else may explain it better for me)

    Don't worry mate, his other (similiar) series in India , has been constantly repeated over the last few months. I'm sure this new series will be throughly repeated on UKfood.

    It will more than likely be shown free on the website too, just like the India one was. All the recipes from the new series are already up:…571
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