getting smudges off HDTV or monitor

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Found 4th Feb 2008
Know this question is asked a lot, but my HDTV and monitor has a few smudges but when I try a damp cloth and wipe then a tissue to dry it spreads the marks about.

But if I let the damp mark dry you can see that


what I have always done and it always works is get a lighlty damped soft sponge, ring it out very well so it has the slightest of damp left, then when the tele has been on a while and the screen is warm run the sponge over the screen, it cleans of the marks and the warmth drys it off..

As jough said, pure water is the best way. Ive used window cleaner and everything I could get my hands on, but forgot to try just plain old water. I bought one of the microfibre clothes which are really good for this as there is no lint on them, and it does work well. Forget all those screen cleaner bottles you can buy as its just a rip off I say.

Save your cash and use water. Do invest in one of those cloths though, there really good and well worth it.

i can highly reccommend bounty glass cleaner, its exactly the same as the bounty kitchen roll, except has blue checks on it, it is phenominal and does not smear.

Brillo pads?:whistling::p


Brillo pads?:whistling::p

with a little caustic soda...:whistling::whistling:

You want "Micro Fibre" cloths
I got 2 for £1 @ Tesco instore:thumbsup:

the key to cleaning a plasma or lcd screen is to ensure it is not hot.

Only clean when it's been off for a while. A damp microfibre cloth is perfect.

Netto's do a 3 pack for under a £1 I think.
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