Getting teeth taken out?

    I need two wisdom taken out, they are crushing what used to be nice teeth together and making it hard to bite etc.

    I thought i was NHS having been at my dentist forever but turns out im not since i turned 18. No idea how that works as he is listed as a private and NHS dentist.

    How much roughly do private dentists charge?

    Can i get it done at a dental hopsital done cheaper?


    I had one done at dentist, £48 and one done in hospital, free.

    my fella had one taken out it cost £60 and that was private as he wasnt registered.

    As far as I'm aware you still have the right to be treated by NHS, just wont be free since you turned 18

    Check out this site, give all info you need ]http//ww…spx

    No idea of price but my dentist was originally nhs and went private 2 years ago. I got sent a letter saying did i want to go private or change my dentist but it did say if i went private the kids would still be covered under the nhs. So it seems private ones can do nhs for kids. Not sure if anyone has had similar happen.

    Extractions can be done on the NHS by your local hospital. Ask your dentist for a referral.

    Down side is that you won't get any choice in appointment time or day - and it could be months so not much use in an emergency.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Will try and get it done free at the hospital.

    Goofeys Girl, i think that might be what happened with me. My dad cant remember though!
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