getting the best out of my psp

    Hi All,

    Hope everyone had a good chrimbo, as above would like to know what i can do and how to do it with the 3003 version

    thanks in advance.


    You mean getting custom firmware and such?

    Original Poster


    You mean getting custom firmware and such?

    yeah i guess, was wondering what people can really do with them and how easy it is, games, movies, and such with as little grief as possible.
    Just got one for christmas, have been googleing but still not relly getting to grips with it yet.

    snap. me too mate.

    dont think you can put custom firmware on psp 3000

    you got a 3000?

    unlucky mate.



    you got a 3000? unlucky mate.

    agreed. Got the wrong version mate. Get the 1000 or 2000 model for free games etc.

    i got a 2003 model.... any ideas? tried the pandora stuff, dint work

    My boys have got PSP's and they are both 3000 version.. D'oh.. How easy is it to get the best out of a DS lite.. I got my boy one for Christmas..

    if you want psp for "other" reasons do not get a 3000 or a 2000 with OFW above 3.9 ( to be sure )

    so stick with Phat or early Slims

    or stick with what you got and hope the situation gets sorted,

    you never know, all consoles will get "done" eventually
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