getting the internet on laptop in hospital

    well to cut a long story short my grandfather is in hospital, we've got him a laptop and now he wants to go on the internet. i seem to remember something from o2 that just plugs into the usb slot and lets you browse the internet. think it was something like £4.99 a month. not too sure on that though.

    does anyone know an easy way to do this? if so id be very appreciative, rep given.

    ill be googling aswell but not sure what ill find.

    thanks in advance guys


    my mum just got it and its pretty fast make sure you order online and go through quidco get cashback



    he'll be pretty disappointed if they don't have 3G at the hospital, it becomes pre-dial up speed if they have no 3G coverage ;-)

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    thanks so far but just to confirm the laptop has a wireless modem and when i search for a network it comes up with one secure network. by having one of these will it find more networks?



    no that's wifi, you should also check with the hospital if you can milk their electricity and use a wireless device in the area your grandfather is

    the will prob say no even tho nhs have removed the mobile phone ban .. reason is that most hospitals now have internet systems at most beds and charge for it ..if your hospital has not they may allow ,, or may allow access to their wifi

    There is no need for them to know he is on the internet,One thing to do is if you have a 3g phone
    when you visit him see if you get a 3g signal with you phone company and then you can get the dongle if you get one without test the signal he may not be able to use it,

    i have tried this in several hospitals and know people who have tried (from a medical forum) and had not had much luck getting online

    You could just ask them, while I was in hospital last year they just gave me their password to connect. (Although it was private )
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