Getting wallpaper off easily??

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Found 3rd Jun
What amazing gizmo would you recommend to do this ???

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Wallpaper steamer


We used a steamer and it popped some plaster off, we had old walls! Read online that you can soak the area in warm water with hair conditioner in and leave it a few minutes before scraping it off and it worked a treat! Good luck, not a nice job, but we had a whole house to do!

Steamers do damage. Folks stream papers that are easy to remove and can work out slower. If vinyl paper then peal the top off by starting in the corner. Peal slowly, don't whip off or it will come off on bits. Peal slowly and get a large area off in one go. Spray backing paper that is left with water from garden hand sprayer, 99p cheap enough. Spray twice and allow to soak for 15 mins.. Some papers need to be soaked from the off as you can't peal the top off. You just need to try and work out what is best
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Agree with wayners, steamers can damage the plaster underneath, I use a damp sponge over the paper, leave to soak then scrap off.

I'm with wayners on this. Spray the paper with water. I do this using a standard trigger spray bottle. Use warm water mixed with some washing up liquid, it works a treat. it does give of a bit of a smell so ensure ventilated, don't get me wrong though it isn't a big stench. Leave to soak for 5 mins at least and scrape off.

Get a decent scraper and some spare blades, something like this…530 Many places sell them, the sharp blades are excellent, but they can dig into the wall if not used carefully. If you push too hard, the edges of the blades can chip off. Like the others have said allow enough soaking time and then let the tool do the work. Good luck.
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hire someone to do it..I find that the easiest...any eastern European will do it for £10 hr... found me last one at a bus stop..

water, soap, sponge.\x0awet multiple walls

As has been said no steamer!
Score the paper, use hot warm water, etc. wait to soak and scrape! Hard work but less damage!

Take the face of the paper off first, get as much of as you can before wetting anything, blade scraper will help if it's a washable/ painted blown vinyl paper, id also go for prodec ones out of toolstation as the blades are thicker and less prone to edges snapping off…635 other than that plenty water and washing up liquid, applied with a wall brush/paste brush, don't be shy with the water and allow it time to penetrate through the backing paper, failing that a steam stripper used correctly shouldn't pop plaster unless it's not been done correctly or years old
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hire someone to do it..I find that the easiest...any eastern European … hire someone to do it..I find that the easiest...any eastern European will do it for £10 hr... found me last one at a bus stop..

Yes this is true, but you still haven't paid me.

Try removing bathroom wallpaper with just soapy water.......what a nightmare. The top surface peels off leaving the rest glued firmly to the wall. Good old fashioned scraper,sponge and muscle power is the only way then!

I have this tool that is like spikes sharp wheels that rotate. You roll it around the wall you are stripping, then a sponge and warm water makes the paper scrape off easily after a couple of minutes
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