getting xbox live cheap

    hello, im bored and i want to shoot things but i cant because i dont have xbox live..... ive heard that you can get it cheap by buying an american code , but just wondered if anyone here has done that and if so what us address they used? does it matter at all ? can it be a random address? does it actually work?


    Not anymore, they're region locked now.

    i've got an american code from 11 months ago but i've been told i have to buy the american code from now on, in order to keep my gamerscore and points but it's all good i suppose because it just means i'll keep buying it for less.

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    im none the wiser, it no longer works? how can you keep using an american account if its region locked?

    im glad i asked before buying now, if its locked is it locked to the xbox region, game region or ip? so many questions!!! ahhhhh

    gamerscore is linked to your gammertag which is linked to your hard drive, doesnt matter which codes you use it wont affect your points, score or GT

    Gamerscore/tag isn't linked to your hard drive, you can have your gamertag and score on multiple hard drives and your score/achievements will be replicated across all machines you sign in on.

    I'm not sure about the American code though, from what I've read you can start with one but from then on you have to use American codes to extend the subscription. It seemed too risky to me especially as MS have taken steps to lock down regions for the marketplace.


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    well, im not sure.. ive looked through the feedback of a seller and there are a number of european bidders that claim it works. ive noticed they go for less in the early hours so 13 months for 10 quid isnt bad and if it doesnt work i'll sell it again.

    i know you have to register a tag as a us address and change it in the console settings, and that you have to create a new account as apposed to renewal.. we'll see what happens

    American codes only work in europe
    if you create an american LIVE account.

    Basically when you sign up and create your windows LIVE ID,
    you put an american address down.
    You will be able to use the code then :-)
    You can get in game content, demos, arcade games etc
    but you won´t get the TV shows and movies that are available on
    the american marketplace as your 360 will tell you they
    are not available in your region

    Oh...and you can´t change your country for the tag in the console settings.
    Well you can but that only says where you are and not where you have your account
    if that makes sense.(plus M$ can detect by your IP in which country you are, so
    changing the console settings doesn´t do anything really)
    Just put the US addy down when you create the windows LIVE account.
    It automatically shows that you live in the US then when you
    use the windows LIVE account to create your gamertag.
    (We have 2 UK and an US account (for stuff you can´t get on the UK marketplace)
    and this is how we did it

    Hope that helped and didn´t sound too confusing .
    it´s late LOL i should go to bed ;-)


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    aha, thats great.. what i needed to hear.. not sure, but if worst comes to the worst could use hide ip through the us or something. i use a random google us address then? maybe the address of microsoft..........

    I've heard if everyone changes there motto to "Make Xbox Live Free" If MS see's one millon they'll do it. Don't know if it's true but sutr worth 2 seconds of your time to try?

    LOL not true natversion1.
    PLUS why should microsoft care if ppl actually did it?
    They provide a great online service and about 30 pounds a year
    (if you buy the membership on ebay...we only paid 22.50 actually!)
    is definitely not too much.
    I´d rather pay than ending up with an online service
    like nintendo offer it for FREE


    Oh and...ColdToast...
    No need to do the IP thing unless you wanna
    pay god knows how much and download TV Shows and movies from
    Xbox LIVE US.
    And yes, a random address (even of a mc donalds) is fine.
    I used the addy of a friend in Long Beach, CA.
    Very Simple

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    wahoo! i can set that up then. hopefully the new update thing wont ruin all this,

    Glad i could help


    I have had a US registered account since June 06 and it works fine. Renewed it this year with another US bought subscription card.

    I thought the HD movies to be fairly priced using the US bought gamerpoints (worked out about 2 or 3 quid to rent a HD movie). pity I cant get them anymore though :(. Hopefully when the UK marketplace comes out properly they will lift this ban.

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    glad to know other people are trying this, i still havent bought it.. waiting till its late so i can get it for a 10er
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