GFX card CUDA ~£50

    I am looking to buy a new graphics card. I want it to have CUDA support and be able to cope with dual monitors. I don't do any gaming. I'm running Linux.

    My current monitor is VGA. I'm planning on buying another one as soon as I find one cheap enough to have dual monitors. I suspect the new one would be VGA or DVI.

    I'm looking to pay around £50.

    I've looked tirelessly at different cards. As I'm not a gamer so I haven't the foggiest.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



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    Thanks for the reply! Am I right in thinking that this is a good buy?…574

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    The CUDA is less important than the dual monitor setup at the moment. The CUDA was really just a plus. I would have used it for doing some computations related to work.

    Maplin sure know how to put you off with their 'no frills' packaging. lol

    I've found this one on EBuyer:…354

    Tuesday delivery. £30.87 total.

    Even if the card only lasts a couple of years at least it was only £30.

    Thank you very much for helping me with my decision making.

    Yes the 8400gs will be fine for dual monitor. If you intend using 2 hi-res monitors spend the £1 extra on the 512mb option.

    From a CUDA point of view, if you want it for testing CUDA applications then this will do. However if you want it for encoding/transcoding then you will be wanting something somewhat beefier so you need to be looking in the region of a 9600GT or a GT240 as a starting point.
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