Had to order flowers for a relative. Went via Quidco to Interflora (6% cashback + free box chocs thrown in with flowers+ code for 7% off)

    Selected flowers wanted (£39). Then shocked to discover that you HAVE to pay for delivery ON TOP of flowers cost. ( £3.99 -up to 9.99) When did that happen ? It was always delivery accepted as part of the choice.

    Then £1 extra charge if paying with certain credit cards (processing fee).

    I did OK with Quidco help and avoided credit card fee. Just leaves a nasty taste in the mouth to discover this. Should say on the website, price DOES NOT include delivery, does not tell you until you place order.

    What a fantastic way to increase prices by stealth.

    Interflora......becoming the Ryanair of flowers.


    you should try and find a local florist to your relative who deliver's prob cheaper

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    That is what I normally do, far better.

    No choice on this occasion, ordered at 6am. Flowers had to arrive before 10am today. No time to find local one before then

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    Flowers arrived....but the chocolates didn't.

    Pah, letter on it's way

    My husband has been trying for years to get specific flowers delivered on a specific day. After several failures to provide he tried interflora, who (over the phone) promised that flower could be sourced and delivered on that day. It wasn't - instead it was something else entirely, and incidentally, something associated with funerals, not anniversaries. He complained to them, and their answer was that they never specify the flowers in the bouquet, but try to colour match where possible, hence the flowers I received. After the trouble he'd gone to to get the promise of the flower he was very cross indeed. He's tried numerous local florists who all say they can't guarantee to get that flower, but our wedding florist managed van loads of the tings when we were wed!

    oh noz how annoying iglimpse.

    delivery is waaaay ridiclous
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