GH3 Legends of Rock!

    Im intrested in selling my GH3 incuding the guitar! Great Condition
    But i just wanted to know how much people are willing to pay.


    you may wanna state what format it is mate

    This should be in misc if youre not selling it. What console is it for?

    Im willing to pay as much as i need to...:p

    Original Poster

    Its for Xbox 360 still have the orignal box with unused stickers (so you can jazz up your guitar)
    Im just curious how much GH will sell for and if anyone is intrested in buying it!

    i'll give you £20 only need the guitar!

    All items in For Sale/For Trade must have an asking price, so I've moved this to Misc.

    Please don't sell this until you have confirmed an asking price and we've moved it back to For Sale/Trade, as all sales must take place in there.

    cex pay £43 cash (if they have any cash) or £52 exchange…buy
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