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Found 14th Nov 2013
I bought a GHD gift set from the Hut 11 months ago which contained styler and hairdryer as a xmas gift. This was a HUKD deal as it was reduced from 149 to £99 at the time. The hairdryer became faulty about 6 weeks ago. I posted back to GHD repairs as it was under warranty. They never returned the faulty dryer. I contacted them a few weeks later by email, and GHD then said it wasn't covered as it was an accessory and they had no stock anyway. I replied saying this was unacceptable etc plus I had a valid guarantee card for the dryer. They never even bothered replying to my follow up email. I would like to raise this matter to a higher level. would anybody have a contact email or name of one of the UK GHD managers who I could contact about this thanks.
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Paul Stoneham is CEO I believe.


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thanks you are a star.

Welcome! Hope you get.it sorted!

My wife has dealt with them a few times over the years for her straighteners and hair dryer and had no problems at all they have exchanged them all without question and with in a very good time frame.


Under the Sale of Goods Act you have rights see below the full Act of Parliament. Likewise Companies must follow a procedure and process in ensuring that faulty goods are replaced or a full refund is given back to the customer. Take a look at the links for help/assistance.



For a company that sells straighterners for 4 times as much as the competition (ahem-apple) they sound like a pretty tight bunch.

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Thanks to everyone for the comments. I emailed the top man and got it sorted within a few days - replacement item in the post:).
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