GHD Hair Straightener, Help !

Found 22nd Sep 2010
My wife wants some GHD hair straightener, which I thought would be simple to find until I started to look !

Can anyone recommend a good site for these things, they seem to be every where at a huge range of prices for the same model. Some must be knock off's.

I've found this one (http://ghdhairstraightenersv.com/) but the prices are 30 to 40 quid cheaper than Amazon! Which appears too cheap to be genuine ??
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its GHD m8-not gdh

are you searching for the right thing?

its GHD m8-not gdhare you searching for the right thing?

Dho !

No my mistake... Too much searching today, must be going blind !

Corrected now, thanks for the heads up !
are you looking for the a certain one, as the come in mini ones, for really short hair, wide style plates and slim style plates, also the coloured pairs are more expensive than the black ones, amazon are usually pretty cheap
oh and the site in the op is a site selling fake ghd
I have just bought my d in law a pair af GHD for hair base hairdressers in chapel market islington n1 and cost £125 in nice blue soft zipped padded case and hard shell case blue gdh's with box but it did not come with heat mat but was presented nicely, work great i advise you its worth the money rather than go to cheaper models that are a rip off these come with official logo warrenty and receipt and the bar code beware of cheaper models sold on ebayand other outlets
good luck christine
Rush hair dresser do them online cheaper than in store but black models not the colour ones i went for
these new ones are a baragin at £107 for the new pink ones amazon.co.uk/Lim…8-1
I have these ghd's, they come with a hairdryer and fab sparkly carry bag, they are limited edition and would make a lovely gift.
Go direct from GHD. You know they aint fakes and I got my OH some and earned £10 cashback @10%! Also blooming quick service and all arrived safely!
i would only buy from GHD site or amazon
If you want them quick, just call into a local hairdresser...they always have them in stock

oh and the site in the op is a site selling fake ghd

I was sure they were, just too cheap...

Thanks for all the comments, I'm going to stick to Amazon.
I have a pair new genuine, can pm u the codes to look if I'd like?x
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