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    Morning all

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that I know nothing about hair or hair products, I'm bald! If it's xbox's, TV's, PC's, I'm your man. But hair care products, completely clueless. So, my fellow hotukdealers, I throw myself at your mercy.

    My girlfriend wants some for her birthday. Please can someone tell me why GHD ones are better than say, Nicky Clarke or Tesco's Value ones? And what is the best deal for one right now?

    Many thanks

    The Dude

    Hey, even the emoticon looks bald...


    ghd are best but there is a new set of toni and guy that are good for shorter hair see if there is still a 10 % off at asos code

    ive been through several pairs of straightners and i have to say GHD's are my absolute favourite, i guess the main thing which sets them apart is the job they do, they make your hair straightner and for longer than many others and tends to be pretty quick at doing so. I can definatly recommend to splash out and get the GHD's she wont regret them!

    They are great, a must for any woman :thumbsup:

    I bought mine from my local Toni and Guy but i have the limited edition hot pink ones and they were the only place i could get them.

    Try this site


    I would reccommend that you buy them from here as they come with free thermal protector, a heat mat and free next day delivery which is worth over £30 alone :thumbsup:

    They have the brand new GHDs for £99!

    They are the best straighteners ever. I've had loads of other makes, and none compare to GHD's. I got mine here…iFw

    only £89.95

    Apparently there is a new make bought out by the same people who make GHD's. They are called SHE, quite a bit cheaper and i have no experience of either

    i bought the ghd mk4 summer bag for my gf, and the response from her when they were delivered was unbelievable. [url][/url] £135. worth every penny for the thanks you get


    The same people who make GHD also make Kodo's, available from Ebay. I just got my mum a pair for £18

    oh, if you find a salon selling them, you can take an old pair of straighteners in and get a £20 discount on ghd mk4s, so check your local high street

    Original Poster

    Thanks you ladies, and I believe one guy, for your advice. If you need help in finding a present for your partners at christmas please let me know!


    Original Poster

    No quidco or nectar points at GHD :-(

    Blimey, not used to paying full price for stuff ;-)

    Original Poster

    Do Boots sell them, maybe I could get some bonus Boots points or something?


    Do Boots sell them, maybe I could get some bonus Boots points or … Do Boots sell them, maybe I could get some bonus Boots points or something? Not 'Boots' but you can use your advantage card :thumbsup:

    Aimee1985 Not 'Boots' but you can use your advantage … Not 'Boots' but you can use your advantage card :thumbsup:

    Does this mean you can pay with your Boots advantage card points, or just add to your boots card? Sorry for sounding thick, lol :oops:

    My lady has the GHD one's. They are the best apparently. Just make sure they don't burn you're house down. :thumbsup:
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