GHD hair straighteners mk4 When did they come out?

    My GFs ghd mk 4s broke this morning, however cant find the reciept but im sure they arnt even a year old

    any one know when they came out?


    It doesnt matter when they came out. My ltd edition pink ones broke and i sent them with a letter to GHD (address on their website) stating the problem and that i couldnt find receipt and they sent me a brand new pair in return. Mine were nearly 2 years old so i dont think you will have a problem. GHD have excellent customer service

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    BRILLIANT as allways pink very helpful!

    tryed to rep but it wouldnt let me, i have reped you previously sorry

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    thats lame i have emailed them (tryed to call but its out of hours now). Hope it works out these things are expensive

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    for anyone else who might be in the same position i just found this…tml

    Which states there is a 24 month guarantee as they have only been out for a year they have to fix them.

    My friend had to contact ghd over a pair that had broken and said they where very good and never questioned her as to how old they where even and sent her a replacement pair. Good after sales service. :thumbsup:
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