Ghd Hair Straightners

Found 7th Nov 2007
Does anybody know where to get them from and is there any deals going on?


I am also interested in any good deals kicking about, want to get the wife a set for xmas.

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Mines for the missus for xmas to so would like to order before this month

I'll add my interest to this as well.

Dont know anything about them or the prices but hqhair have a range they tend to be fairly cheap.


Or HairTec


Dont know if Boots still sell them, but if they do there are losts of offers on just now for them. (Know the website does not have them just now but maybe the shops will)

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i seen hqhair and they looked decent enuf. i was just checking if there was any discount. i think ill order on friday if i aint come across anything.


stick this in the search box


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stick this in the search boxghd*

It doesnt bring anything up, ive tryed.
Thanks anyway


you have to add the * at the end

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thanx for that. it looks like there is no chance of getting them under £90

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thanx for that. it looks like there is no chance of getting them under £90

If anyone sees the pink 1s at a good price let me know please. im off now after a hard days work

kodo are just as good as ghd i use these to tame my wild locks anyway loads of salons use these and they are half the price of ghds,i have used both straightners on my wild hair and you cant tell the difference between ghd and kodo,most of my mates have bought these aswell after using mine,they sell these on fleabay

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My women is a muppet, she only wants GHD.

i got them from boots online there is a £10 off £50 voucher on the forums they work out at £88 minus quidco minus boots points on the wifes card.....

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boots dont seem to sell them anymore. nevermind thanx anyway pal


compareghds.co.uk/ind…tml remember to check out quidco for cashback for some retailers

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Thanx a lot Sassi, ill add some reputation for ya help

ive had a quick look and this is the only one i can find in stock at the mo


does your Oh not know any hairdressers that can get them @ trade price???

Boots don't seem to do them anymore.:-(

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nopes, i think ill just have to pay 100 bloody squid on her trying to look good. ( I DONT THINK SHE REALISES SHE NEEDS MORE THEN STRAIGHT HAIR ) HEHE:thumbsup:
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