GHD MK4 Straighteners

    Looking for cheapest possible , new model ghd's. Any codes going about that can be used with any catalogue's if they sell them?



    Hiya catalogues dont generally sell GHD straighteners.



    They do free next day delivery, free thermal protector and a free mat too for £99 (I think)

    If you have an old pair of straighteners (or see a really cheap pair for sale somewhere) you can trade them in for a pair of shiny new GHD's with £20 off the price at authorised GHD dealers.

    HQ Hair were the cheapest for my GHDs. They delivered next day as well:…D=1

    Also forgot to mention to go through quidco for HQ hair. You might be able to use one of the discount codes on this site for a discount on top.

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    Thanks very much, who is that takes the old straightners for 20 quid discount?. Its for my sis, she already has a few pairs of the older ghd models. But sooner or later the wires all seem to snap.. happened with 2 pairs already. Her third pair are still working but not as "Good" as she claims lol.

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