GHD MK4 straightners???

Does any one know if this hapens to be a good deal? or does any one know where to get cheap GHD's ?




£69.99 for hair straighteners ????????????????????

ARE YOU MAD ????????????

Just posted on your other request!


hi i have had a look at the sight again and to be honest am not quite sure, but when i bought mine i searched threw google and i got mine threw tesco direct but they dont seem to do them anymore, if i were you i would search the internet which i know you prob have, and just keep looking for the best deal, good luck:thumbsup:

If you haven't got your heart set on GHD s to be honest think they are overpriced and your paying for a name i had some but got rid of mine as i found Babyliss ones 100 times better
these are the ones i have brilliant i have very curly hair and they work first time no problems

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