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Found 7th Mar 2006
Anyone ordered any of these recently? If so where from as there are 100s of sites that sell them. Can anyone beat £76 inc del?
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thats a good price where are you getting that from?
I've ordered a pair before Christmas from HQhair.com £76.00 with free special delivery - They came the following day. If you order through Quidco I think you get something like 7% cashback and I also used a 10% off voucher code that I got from this site. They both worked and I've already received my cashback from quidco for them.
[quote="clickelvis"]IThats who I had seen this price with using a previous thread, thanks for your info. My next question would be are they worth the money?
They are very definitely worth the money in my opinion. These are the 2nd pair I've bought although I bought the Salon size this time round as I have quite thick hair. My 1st pair are still going strong though I just gave them to my sisters (I'd already had them for nearly 2 years).

I've heard that Kodo are supposed to be quite a good make and of equal quality with GHD's although they are about £20 cheaper (available from [url]www.besthairirons.co.uk[/url] - not ordered from this site previously so can't really comment, just used it as a price comparison) but I prefered to stick with what I was happy with.

I've placed a couple of orders through HQhair and can definitely say that they are a reliable site in regards to payment, delivery and quidco cash back.

Happy hair straightener shopping
I ordered these for someone from HQHair before Christmas also. They're both highly recommended, HQHair and GHD Straighteners, plus the QuidCo cashback. I'm not sure if the discount code is valid now though.
They are definately worth it.
My sister has gone through about 4 other hair straightners in a year or so while her friend has just had 1 pair of GHDs. And her friend uses them every day!

The 1 pair of GHDs were cheaper than the other hair straightners put together.

Needless to say my sister now has a pair of GHDs and says they are better than the any others she's had.
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