GHD Straighteners broke

Found 3rd May 2008
My wifes GHD straighteners are broke (I think it is a common fault i have seen on here, the wire seems loose and they go on and off at different intervals).
As i have had them over two years i dont see the point in sending them in to GHD, i went to a local electrical shop but they says they cant get that part off of GHD. Does anyone know the best way to get them sorted??

Thanks in advance.
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a while back there was a guy offering GHD repair serice on ebay for about £16, might be worth a try

When I found them I was searching for GHD's so just try a search
how old are they?
my ghd straighteners did this, not long after the problem was on watchdog! i tried taking them back to the store but they were about 14 months old and they cover for 12 months. I sent them backl to ghd with a polite letter mentioning the programme and the same fault. they repaired them and sent them back electrically certified, no charge. sadly about 2 years later they died completely. i think 3 years is an ok life for such product so i left it at that and bought a new pair.

i'd send them back to ghd
Rep added thanks for the response.
I think they are about over 3 years old, would it be worth trying to send back??
Anyone any info in the ebay service?

Rep added thanks for the response.I think they are about over 3 years … Rep added thanks for the response.I think they are about over 3 years old, would it be worth trying to send back??Anyone any info in the ebay service?

Send back... GHD are really good, if they don't repair them they still might give u some freebies. Drop them an email to see where u stand.
I seen the service on e-bay £12.99 including delivery (£4.00)
I think i will trying sending them back first.
Thanks for all your help/
I bought my mate a pair and after about one and a half years they bust. I sent them back to ghd WITHOUT their box or receipt or guarantee. One week later they were returned fixed, free or charge, and a note saying sorry I had experienced trouble with them!!

You should send them back, very good service from them!!!
I bought my girlfriend's pair after seeing an offer on here for Boots before Christmas. The broke within a month and I had to send them back to Boots! It really baffles me how they are so popular, as lots of people sem to have problems with them. (I did get a replacement, but the guarentee doesn't run from the start of the new pair, it runs from the purchase date of the old pair).

With regards to yours, I think GHD only cover up to a 2 year period. They offer to fix the straighteners at a cost, but it usually turns out to be cheaper to either buy a new pair, or try eBay for people that fix them at a certain price.
My friend had this problem and hers were more than 2 years old and GHD still replaced them as a goodwill gesture as it is a common fault
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