Ghibli Collection (Anime DVDs)

    Hey there, brief introduction: I've recently been ordering a lot from the Asian website and have become accustomed to the cheap DVD prices.

    I'm now after The Ghibli Collection (…rch Click Here ) and the prices are mostly £15 a DVD, something I'm a little unsure of, especially since the whole collection will end up setting me back well over £200!

    I was just wondering if anyone knew where to get the full collection of DVDs for a little cheaper than the £200 listed on Play?



    hi blizeh. have you tried ebay?

    e.g. CLICK HERE for "Japan Anime Archives of Studio Ghibli - Special Collectors Multi Language Edition DVDs - 14 DVDs" - £49.80 Buy It Now inc shipping!!!

    Or even... CLICK HERE for the 14-DVD set for £33.99 inc shipping!

    Even cheaper HERE at £26.98 total (but it says 13 movies)!!

    All seem to be original boxsets as described in the auctions

    Original Poster

    Sorry, could of swore I replied to this!

    Many thanks for the links slinks, I ordered them the day you posted that so hopefully they'll be with me soon.

    Sorry if I seemed ungreatful for not replying, it completely escaped my mind

    /clicks Karma+1

    awwwww thanku

    no worries, i don't do it for thanks blizeH! i do it to help out

    enjoy them all!
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