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    Symantec support isn't working so I hope I can get support here.

    I have ghost 2003 and that works with my iomega drive in dos, does anyone know if ghost 10 will also work with it, in windows and when you have to restore your pc when windows won't start.

    Secondly,when you make an incremental backup with ghost 10 what does this exactly mean. eg I make a full backupon Saturday to start with and at the time have Norton firewall installed, I unistall norton firewall and install Zonelabs firewall on Sunday, I then make an incremental backup on Monday, what will this do, does it add zonealrm alongside norton or does it remove norton and add zone alarm.Thanks in advance, hope to get this answered soon.Bye.


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    Please Help

    [SIZE=2]Found this on ][COLOR=blue]PCWorld.Com[/COLOR]:[/SIZE]

    Ghost 9's biggest improvement over Drive Image is probably incremental … Ghost 9's biggest improvement over Drive Image is probably incremental backup, which copies only what has changed since the last time. This should correct the biggest flaw in the very concept of image backups: You should back up daily, but it's a waste of time and media to copy your entire hard drive every day--these backups are done by sector, not file.

    Ghost 10 would be the same I should think...

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    Thanks Rayman, I'll buy it and give it a go, the trial version is limited so I don't really want to go get a feel for it with that.

    I think that when you purchase Ghost 10 from PC World anyway there is a copy of 2003 in the box to. I use ghost 2003 and it works fine. I backup my drives to dvd and if for any reason I need to rebuild my laptop or pc i just boot to the dvd and it starts to rebuild. I rebuilt my laptop the other day and it took about 50 mins, then all i had to do was update the Anti virus. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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