Posted 21st Jul 2021
"Avoid the traps and escape to win the game !"

Might not be a sale price but this is an awesome throwback.

With vintage copies selling for high price this seems like a much enjoyed game that many were fond of and would love to play again.

Free delivery too.

There is a deal on for a few pence less, but kt having heard of them id be inclined to go with Smyths

You are paranormal investigators, hired to find out if the legend of "Ghost Castle" is true, and to record anything "strange" going on inside. Trouble is… it’s all true. Having made your way upstairs, you’ve accidentally woken the mean-spirited ghost of Count Spooksalot, and he is determined to get revenge by trapping you in his castle FOREVER!

Race down the stairs and through the trap-filled rooms, where danger lurks at every turn. Get out of the castle as quickly as possible, but don’t get left behind.…655

Contents: Glow-in-the dark ghost, metal ball, room traps: staircase, portrait, bookcase, axe and shakey floor, castle walls and roof, 8 pawns and 1 die
Includes 5 room traps, triggered by the glow-in-the dark ghost
The box becomes the gameboard, with huge 58 x 36 cm play area
For 2-4 players
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