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Found 27th Jul 2007
Anyone know when/if E4 are going to show Season 2 of Ghost Whisperer? The season ended in the States weeks ago, so I was beginning to wonder whether it was another one that had been bought by Sky. It will also be interesting to see whether they poach Season 2 of Heroes, especially as it's filmed in HD.

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As far as I knew, Heroes Season 2 is going to be on BBC2 as soon as Series One is out of the way (probably early 2008 as S2 is on US telly in September).

I'll be looking for some Stage6 links for this (shush, don't tell anyone) as the quality was as good as watching it on Sci-Fi channel itself.

Ghost Whisperer season 2 is currently on ABC1 on the sky channel 170 It's about 1/2 through the season.


Ghost Whisperer season 2 is currently on ABC1 on the sky channel 281. … Ghost Whisperer season 2 is currently on ABC1 on the sky channel 281. It's about 1/2 through the season.

I thought that was season 1? Apparantly its going to be on Living soon, its being advertised. Season 2 is coming out on dvd on 18th sept according to PlayUSA, yay.:)

Nah. season 2 is on there me and the Missus watch it

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I've been watching the episodes on ABC1 and they are definitely Season 1. They recently screened the season 1 finale double episode, and then started showing episodes from earlier in the season again. Still, suppose thats all you can expect from a channel with a 5p annual budget!!

really season 2 is on there, she gets a new sidekick and all sorts, actually looking at the future episodes on that channel they are season1. Season2 defnitley started on there. I got sick of waiting and downloaded them all. Thats why I been talking rubbish for the past 2 or 3 posts. It did start on there thou, 100% sure of that.

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The problem with Sci Fi is they don't broadcast in 16.9, and you've got their logo & commercial breaks as well. Glad its being shown in the proper ratio on BBC. I'm going to buy the R1 boxset of Heroes next month - for the extras alone. Much cheaper than the rip-off 2 part boxsets in the UK!!

Season two has not started on ABC1 at all. They are showing re-runs of Season one. (Ghost Whisperer)

This link is the up-to-date info regarding it ]here

In short:

ABC1 (Season 1, re-runs)
and Living (season 2-) due to start soon.

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Well Becksdawe, that certainly clinches it. I'll keep watching the Living listings. Thanks for the links!

Just found out Mel - it starts on August 14th at 9pm :-) Will get the link for you.

Heres the link - its the last but one post ]Link

Theres gonna be a season three too!!

BBC definitely has the rights to Season 2 Of Heroes

he BBC is thought to have paid around £400,000 an episode for the second … he BBC is thought to have paid around £400,000 an episode for the second season of Heroes - even though it has yet to show the first.The new deal represents a five-fold increase on the amount the corporation paid for season one, which will air on BBC Two over the summer.Sci Fi Channel had first-run rights to season one, but was forced out of the bidding for season two as the price tag rose.Season two will now air on both BBC Two and digital channel BBC Three from next year.

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