Giant cupcake

    Hello all,

    I've just bought a giant cupcake mould and i'm thinking about making one for my friends birthday on wednesday, just wondering if anyone had any recipes/ideas they would like to share or any tips if anyone has ever used these moulds before

    thanks x


    The person who won Dog Cops cake comp used one, I forget their name though

    just throw in all your favorites

    it's not a cup cake more a bucket of fun

    Hi There
    I have used one of these before, a good tip is to grease the tins very very well, If you can get it use cake release (i think lakeland sell it) I got mine from Amazon but you won't have time for that, Also you need to use a heavy cake mix like a pound cake recipe, you don't want a light and fluffy sponge or the shape won't hold when you take them out of the tins. Hope that helps good luck with your cake.


    The person who won Dog Cops cake comp used one, I forget their name though

    Kaks something or other. Nice cake. Got my vote.

    yeah & mine, here is kaks26 scrummy looking muffin,& here is the thread if you wanna have a look.

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    Original Poster

    thanks all for your help and that cake does look amazing! x

    I'm here!

    I made up my own recipe to accomodate the size of the tin. It was a Victoria Sponge recipe that uses 6 eggs. Don't know if you have a recipe like that? Can pm you the details once I find mine if you like. Plus once I'd worked out how much mixutre I need I put some into the bottom part first and baked for 20 mins before putting the top mixture in to bake. It does take ages to cook as well. And defintely grease the tin well. I used the spray oil which gets into every groove. Put some flour in after that too and shake it all over and it stops the cake sticking. Leave to cool for ages before attempting to get it out.

    One tip though - use buttercream all over if you can. I used it on the top and coated melted chocolate on the bottom part but felt it didn't have enough buttercream icing to go with the sponge. Its up to you and a bit trial and error though.

    Think I'll keep it for birthdays though as its quite deceiving, the size of it, as the slices are huge when you cut it so it goes on forever!

    Good luck!
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