Giant vs. Specialized vs. GT

Found 14th Dec 2009
Basically, I want your opinion on these three bikes.

This is an insurance claim, so not worried about finding it cheaper as they use this seller specifically.

The choices are:
Specialized Hardrock…spx

Giant Yukon…spx

GT Avalanche 3.0…spx

Im leaning more towards the specialized.
What do you guys think?

Dont really use the bike for much serious riding, just out and about a few times a month.

Also, Im 5 foot 11 inches tall, recommendations on frame size? I previously had an 18 inch i would say it was a touch too small...

Thanks in advance for replies.
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I would go for the GT, Specialized are pretty good but the gear spec is Very basic, With Giant usually you get a good spec for the money and it is ok. GT are probably the most well known out of these and offer a good spec, if someone offered me these bikes I would have the GT in a shot and would consider the Giant if I was given £50-70 to upgrade it.
Hope this helps:thumbsup:
I would think 18" is about right for you and certainly would not go over 19" (remember seatpost = COOL)
i would buy an entry level road bike,so much better really,took me a while to convert to a roadie
giant is probably the best value for money one,i would put in about £100 and then they'll be alot more options and the bike will last a bit longer
I would say either the GT or the Giant.
The spec on the Specialized does not compare to the other two.
There is little difference between the GT and the Giant.
The Giant has Shimano cranks opposed to the GT's Suntour cranks.
However, the GT has 100mm shocks opposed to the Giants 80mm. (both have lock-out which is nice)
Both have double walled rims, which the specialised does not have. The GT has quick release hubs but I'm unsure about the Giant, I have a feeling they don't as it doesn't state.

Personally, I'd take the GT.
You should note that the pic of the GT is not the disc model but it does state that it does have discs so you should get disc brakes with it instead of V's.
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