Gibraltar/Falkland Islands/Channel Islands circulated coins - where can I buy them?

Found 17th Nov 2017
My uncle is a coin collector and he asked me to find these type of coins for his private collection.

Where would be the best place to buy these (circulated) coins in London?

Any help would be appreciated.
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If you uncle us a proper coin collector one who is looking for an investment,he will tell you not to bother with these. If he is someone that likes to look at shiny things then these are great, just make sure you know which he is. The coins fir these places and many more are just worth what they are and only in the countries that they were minted.

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Actually he is a little bit of both. He has a lot of valuable coins which he keeps for investment purposes but he also likes to trade circulated coins with other people from around the world. I am guessing he wants these coins for trading purposes.

Any chance of buying them somewhere in London? I can only find mint coins sellers which are too expensive and don't have the coins he is looking for.
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