Gibson USA Guitar Explorer '76 wristwatch & Guitar shape case....any info

Found 19th Aug 2010
I have been given a Gibson USA Explorer '76 leather wristwatch with 'strings' along the strap, a guitar shape for the watch with Gibson '76 Explorer on the face, the 'G' logo on the winder. At present it has some wear to the watch strap but its a fab collectors piece.
It comes with a Gibson black minature guitar case for the watch. I have contacted Gibson USA who say its quite rare and were only sent out in very extreme cases. It has 1996 on the back.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on this please so I can decide what to do with it. Thank you.
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I have a gibson sg one in the guitar shaped case-same strap etc-got it years ago as a present and its sat in a cupboard because altho they look lovely,not very practical as an actual watch.

I have contacted Gibson USA

I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on this

Didn't Gibson USA answer your questions?
No not really, they said it was only sent out in 'very exceptional cases'. They said it wasnt one of their new watches as its from 1996, and that was it really. They said if I needed anymore info, to contact them, which I just have. But its took 2 weeks to reply to my first i thought I would try on here. Thank you.
The reason I suggested asking Gibson is that if it was sent out only in very rare cases then there's little likelihood that someone on here will know (stands back & waits to be proven wrong...)
Well you never know!! There are lots of people on here with useless information swimming round their heads that one day someone may need to know. I have asked Gibson for more info and when they sent them out and to who. So just awaiting a reply....wont be for another couple of weeks if that though.
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