Giff Gaff- internet not working

    Whenever i try to go on the internet on my phone it says 'network unavailable' I've already done what it says on there website and ive turned my phone off and then on again but it just keeps saying network unavailable whenever i go on the internet! Help please


    If you have a smartphone try using the APP and it will automatically change your settings

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    I dont i have a lg

    my daughter has same problem on her Orange Rio and i don't know what to do either

    has your phone ever worked on internet via giffgaff ?
    make & model?
    tried texting "settings" to 2020 or 2030?
    if android phone, you have to set up yourself or perhaps download the APN app from their site (use wi-fi connection )
    thier help online is usually pretty good if you post a message

    internet via giffgaff working fine in my area (north east)
    suggests it's phone set-up problems
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    Ive just got a new sim card, i think it might be to do with i dont have any credit/goodybags on it.

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    Thanks though

    Yep, you need to activate it online... perhaps at a desktop.

    To activate you do need to top up by £10 as far as I remember. After topping up you can use that credit to buy a goodybag if you want.
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