Giffgaff or Three? Sim only

    Hey guys,
    I'm tied between two sims but would like a little info from more experienced people with sims

    Three are offering 300 mins, 3000 texts and 1GB internet for £10 a month for 12 months, but I can get £50 odd cashback bringing it down to about £6-£7 a month.

    But then Giffgaff have their rolling goodybag contract of £10 a month, allowing 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited internet.

    I already ordered the free giffgaff sim, and unlimited really does sound good, but I was just wondering if people had any experience with giffgaff, and whether their service is truely unlimited? £10 a month for unlimited texts and internet seems really good, and O2 have good coverage in my area for 3g as well.

    So what do you guys think?


    Giffgaff for me personally. Piggybacking off the o2 service, reception is perfect. Can't say I've heard the same about 3.

    Can't knock giffgaff been with them for about a year now. All tech support is done on line so some people dislike that. Unlimited data is truly unlimited (tethering isn't allowed but people do). If you have mates on GG calls to them are free (don't come out of your allowance) so long as you top up at least £10 every 3 months. They don't currently support BBS so that dissuades some.

    If o2 is good in your area go with GiffGaff, I am with 3 and their customer services p*ss me off with their inability to speak english!

    Original Poster

    Awesome, yeah they seem really good and unlimited sounds excellent!
    And of course, not being tied to a contract!!
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    Three works out cheaper with the redemption of cashback, and then it's solely dependent on your Internet usage; which is generally more than enough, 1GB.

    I've been tethering my 2GB and using it in place of Broadband - ample.

    Order a giffgaff SIM via a gg member and you get a fivers free credit

    i read the title as 'giraffe or tree'!
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