GiffGaff Unlimited Internet (£10+ Goodybags): Ending After February 28th?

    I'm the happy owner of a Desire HD, swayed into buying one by the GiffGaff unlimited internet offer (thanks for recommending them on here).

    Is the unlimited internet ending after 28th February? There's conflicting posts on the GiffGaff forum. One says as long as you continue with the £10+ Goodybags you'll still get unlimited.

    Another post says after there 28th February there will be no free internet, and a limit of 100MB a day.

    Wondering especially after the text messages my friends on contracts have got from Vodaphone and O2 last week..

    Thank you


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    On here:…389

    Basically, they're saying on there that beyond the 28th February it will be 100MB a day, in a nutshell. One member says there will be absolutely NO Unlimited internet beyond then. (khairul): "From March onwards, there will be absolutely no free data."

    Another member (sammf) says "The free 100mb internet is due to expire on the 28th Feb, 2011, but will continue to be free (unlimited) on the goodybags, from £10+."…rue

    ..Unless they're referring to those who don't topup regularly, or less than £10?
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    It's simple, the Internet has always been unlimited with qualifying goodybags but giffgaff also offer free Internet access to everyone with a giffgaff sim (you have to have account activity in three months to qualify). They say this is due to end in fen but to honest it was due to finish months ago and they always end up extending it further.

    So for example if you top up with a £10 goodybag you get unlimited Internet or if you only buy the £5 goodybag you get 100mb per day free.

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    Thank you..had me worrying. Especially with my friends all moaning about their internet limits.

    I don't use the net a lot on my Desire HD..but it's nice to have the freedom.

    Haha, how strange to see my name quoted on here after one year lol.

    I didn't say that there will be no more unlimited internet beyond that date. I said that there will be no more FREE (100MB daily) data, whereas the PAID (unlimited) data will continue to be available.
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