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    I am looking for a site that offers competitive pricing and good quality on gift baskets.

    I need to buy 1 x Fruit, 4 x Alcohol, 2 x Pampering/Bathroom, and 5 x food/luxury gift baskets for family that are travelling from the USA to our wedding.

    I can't make them myself as my so far attempt at DIY has been a disaster on the invites and the table plan and I don't want to muck the thank you baskets up too.. I am just not crafty.

    So can anyone recommend a good site that does gift baskets?


    well you could try local florists as they do all that kind of thing-sister-in-laws does balloons and party dressing for tables etc..gorgeous! where are you?

    just a suggestion above, and perhaps Harrods and John Lewis if you got some cash to splash about.M&S do hampers too I think,should be able to order instore or online.

    forgot to mention here too,one of my faves,you know when you go shopping somewhere new and there is 1 here cos you smell it at end of the rd lol.

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    Thank you, will check those out, didn't know M&S did them.


    Thank you, will check those out, didn't know M&S did them.

    there section here,they might have some hampers instore too,depending on size of store,or it might just be a Xmas thing for ordering instore.…rch

    Sounds a bit lame, but last time I was bored and had too much time on my hands, I was trawling through ebay and saw some people were making gift baskets up. Thought it a bit random at the time, but if you're on a budget, search and you might find a really nice one. Otherwise, defo John Lewis, they do fabby gift baskets. You might find worth a look, they delivered a champagne gift for me and I got quidco back. Oh, and you get 40% of the final end fees off ebay if you go through topcashback - no longer on quidco I think.
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