Gift experience days/Flying - West Midlands-ish recommendations?

    i am buying a 40th birthday present. I want a nice memorable experience, something a bit different to her usual routine and was thinking a flying lesson or a driving experience. Has to be West Midlands side, Coventry, Warwickshire ish.

    Can anyone recommend any reliable a good companies to use, any discounts available, and giveany idea of any experiences of these 30 minute flying lessons etc. please? Most come out around £100-£130, I would like the longer lesson but most are £180-£200 and that is over budget. Thanks


    try red letter days

    try as you can usually find 20% off codes.

    (code 551155 still works I think)
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    Just a thought, have you thought of a gliding day, its a bit more hands on and I think its better value for money than a powered flight. Only downside is that it is affected by the weather more.

    Here is an example site, you can look for some more convenient to you:…tml
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    East midlands, but might be of help?



    £90 for an hours flight
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    Tahnks for the ideas folks... keep 'em coming!

    Funny pressie to look for with that username!

    I'd look at buy a gift aswell. I have looked at flying gifts on there before and there were quite a few in Coventry. They have got an hour flying lesson that if you use the code cdm22 has given is £145. I don't know if that is over your budget or not.…522
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    Thanks, the discount codes make the longer times much more palatable.

    greg_68 lol
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