GIFT FOR A 21 Year old HELP!!!!

    GIFT FOR A 21 YO

    Around £30-£40

    Young at heart!!!


    Boring but why not an Amazon voucher - that way the recipient can get something he /she wants...

    Original Poster

    he dont shop online!

    HMV instore vouchers are always a good bet !!!

    failing that you could just ask what he would like

    How about Prison Break on DVD. That could be a good one!!!

    If your feeling generous, a house!! (Key to the door!)

    Perhaps a tool kit, does he drive?? Car stereo, I think cheapest you cud get 1for is about £50.

    Hope this helps!! :thumbsup:

    Theres the condom kit on, sure to raise a laugh seen as hes 21...
    Ill just go see if i can get a link

    he dont shop online!

    For free: tell him what he's missing ;-)…tml

    I at 22 (female though) find that hilarious :whistle:


    ] at 22 (female though) find that hilarious :whistle:

    u did exactly the same as me !!! opened a new window, search 4 condom and found hte first result to see what it was all about

    i had to have a look 2

    Well, i think its rather funny, and would laugh if i got that

    MP3 player?
    1GB ipod shuffle should do it?
    Or maybe something for his car?
    Cd/mp3 player (will also take mp3 players)


    ] at 22 (female though) find that hilarious :whistle:

    hahaha this has gone down to 2.99 in the sale

    Yeah i know so he must now buy it!

    Who? Me? ffs!
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