Gift for a New House

Posted 31st Dec 2019

So a friend of mine just moved to a new house.
I would like to gift her something useful but she already as most thing.

I was maybe thinking of an Air fryer (need to check if she has it) or a household item that she would use ofter.

They are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 teenagers).

Any suggestion please
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When we moved into our new home someone bought us some B&Q vouchers they came in very handy.
Got to be B&Q vouchers or the range, dunelm etc wallpaper, new furniture, diy updates. They will be more useful than an air fryer.
I definitely agree that some vouchers for B&Q or IKEA (or somewhere else that sells home furnishings) would be a much better gift than some gadget that they may or may not ever use. Alternatively a nice pot plant could make a great housewarming present.
Agree with vouchers also.
Blinds, curtains, rugs, towels, bedding, throws, bins, lamps, light shades, shelves, units, tables even down to coasters are things that change with colour scheme, add up to serious £ and are things people tend to throw out or renew with a new house.
I have a cupboard filled with unopened things like toaster, george foreman, scales, food processor.
Find out where she is most likely to buy home furnishings, for me I love dunelm and TKmaxx.
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Ring doorbell
Even an XL air fryer is too small for the family.

How about collection of different candles with accessories.
If they have a garden - Robert Dyas do a very reasonably priced good quality wooden bench.
2020 calendar from Works!
Dyson V7 at £199
Depends how much you spending, maybe an Amazon echo/show

Vouchers for customised picture frame.
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Do you have a skill like wallpaper hanging , tiling etc. you could gift her some of your time to help with any diy projects they may have . Otherwise vouchers is a safe bet
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