Gift for an American Family

    I am going to Chicago for a week as part of the programme. I will be staying with a family of which I don't know the details yet. Want to buy this host family a gift/s but don't have a clear idea what to get. Any ideas?


    being married to an american, and having american in laws. I'd say your best bet is something you can't get too easily over there. Will you be finding out more about them before hand or is it a total shot in the dark?

    Some decent chocolate. Their american stuff is **** !

    Ozzy housemate who went down under every 4-6months would tend to take Harrods shortbisuits, some European wines etc.

    Local fudge? Maybe check that you are allowed to take it through customs.
    Handmade or nice chocolates? They seem to also love cadburys over there as our chocolate is sooooo much nicer but maybe if they have children you could give them a few bars and the parents something nicer.
    Postcard of where you live to show them.
    Something locally made will go down well, or get some flowers when you are there.

    chocolate is a good idea but they get all our chocolate these days. They also get all the good lindor stuff etc. Shortbread is a good idea cuz its very expensive over there. Maybe a good bottle of whiskey.

    locally only made stuff i find a good suggestion, where abouts are you?

    Take some british tea

    In my experience the Americans love anything to do with Royalty, the tackier the better !
    (Tea Towels, etc etc)
    Failing that maybe a calendar or similar with Castles, historical landmarks etc.

    Hobnobs and Jaffa cakes

    Black pudding

    Do a little British hamper (get a box which you can flat pack, and whisky from airport lol!) with above things mentioned!
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