gift help

    its my nana n grandpas 50 something wedding anniversary and im stumped for a gift!!!

    budget around 50 ish

    dnt reali wanna get the typical flowers n chocies

    made a scrapbook for there 50th so thts outta the window too!

    was lookin at maybe a coach day trip but cnt find a site online that picks up remotly locally (wolverhampton)

    thnx in advance xxx


    why not get all family to put in and make it really special - weekend in london - or rolls royce for a day - go theatre and meal

    A gift voucher for a professional family photo?

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    Stop being tight

    wht u suggest thn !!!

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    The JFK;2736913

    A gift voucher for a professional family photo?

    well thts the best idea so far, just suggested it to the contributer and apparently my gramps won one on a crossword comp grrrr its drivin me mad nw just wnt sumthn origional thns tho x

    are they football fans - sponsor the ball - for a derby match or the like - i think they would get extras as well seeing it is their 50th anniversary


    Stripper at the party :thumbsup:

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    eye eye i wish dlm lol

    my gramps is but my nans nt, uv inspired me for his bday tho x



    wht u suggest thn !!!

    Find out where they first met or where there first date was...then arrange for them to be there...wherever it is

    use the memories they have to make the day special...its not about what happens on the day, they will just be happy being together anyway and all those ideas have been done to them what they first saw in each other and they will be happier than anything u could buy them

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    ur such a romantic !!! x

    the grandkids of my in-laws got togerther for their pearl anniversary and organised a boxfull of household stuff, all along the lines of a Pearl theme - even a couple of pearl lightbulbs! It went down a treat.

    The 50th is the golden anniversary: Big boxfull of stuff along a Gold theme? (Packet of Golden Nuggets, Terry's All Gold, Golden Wonder Crisps, etc., etc. If you have a reasonable restaurant near by on the Golden theme, to pit off with a meal there

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    ooo thts luvly idea !!!!

    It's not the 50th though. It's the "50 something".
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