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    Hi all,

    Hoping I have put this in the right section, I need some help with regards to gifts for my elder daughters, 8yrs and 6yrs. My ex done a runner with all of my christmas savings of almost £1000, I have sorted out my younger daughter and son but I truly don't know what to get my elder two, I have asked them to write christmas lists and have the usual, ipod, mobile phone, laptop, consoles etc etc but now I have lost my savings there is no way I can afford to get them any of what they have asked for. I have around £50-£60 for each of them, maybe more in a few weeks but thats all I have for now. Any gift suggestions? Neither are into dolls etc, luckily I bought them a wii console mid year and have that stored in the loft but I do need some games and another wiimote. I'm so stuck its driving me up the wall! I have heard them mentioning an icecream parlour, smoothie maker, furreal???, oh my 6yr old loves horrid henry and my eldest daughter is into hair and make up, although I don't let her have make up so thats out of the question. I did buy her a Hannah Montana hairstyler from eBay (was the daily deal) so she has one thing already
    Now I'm babbling and rambling on, but can anyone suggest any gifts or codes for toyshops or clothes shops for them?

    Thank you ever so much


    go go hamsters, they are teh craze

    ]link to all kids voucher codes

    Hopefully you find some decent codes out there, i notice a 7.00 of 25.00 spend a toy store, cant remember the name, but im sure you'll find something of use, or post a wanted thread on the fs/ft forum, people may have some new gifts that you may find suitable. You can get a lot of bargains there..and Ebay

    i think the la redoute code stil works for £15 off £20 spend-free delivery and gift. I know its not toys but i got my son the cars pjs and im sure the girls ones will be nice. If theyre into clothes? its an exta anyway!
    8237 is the code. you have to play around with items as not all work.

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    Brilliant! Thank you all ever so much, just sat with a cuppa and the kids are playing upstairs so I'm off to check everything out, thank you again, I really appreciate it, I never seem to see good deals until its too late lol

    [url][/url] for the younger ones - search on here and there is usually a code to go with it - for clothes for the older ones [url][/url] have fab stuff in their sales which are always on - maybe a few codes floating too - if you need xmas bits then get to [url][/url] and use codes - just got a massive box of stuff from there for next to nothing - they also have toys and electricals and a few bit of clothing, its all fine stuff....had years of tight budgets with the kids! Hope you are signed up to cashback sites so that you get cashback on it all aswell!!!!! Good luck...

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    Thank you so much will check those out now too, I haven't signed up to a cashback site yet, are they all the same or is there one that outshines the rest? Thank you again

    i think most people use quidco, but they take the first £5 you earn a year as a memebership type fee. I use topcashback as they dont take any fee but it does take months for it all to go through, i don't know if quidco is quicker. Worth doing though i've had about £200 cashback this year!

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    Ive just signed up to quidco, so all I have to do is go to quidco and click on the site I want to buy from through there and the cashback goes on automatically?

    What about one of those car things posted as a deal yesterday?
    I ordered one for my 8yr old son and looks a pretty good top gift!
    39quid delivered and mum and daughter can go in it together! or sisters can! I will find the link now.


    Ive just signed up to quidco, so all I have to do is go to quidco and … Ive just signed up to quidco, so all I have to do is go to quidco and click on the site I want to buy from through there and the cashback goes on automatically?

    Thats the idea, sometimes things don't track so you have to submit a missing claims form.


    Ive just signed up to quidco, so all I have to do is go to quidco and … Ive just signed up to quidco, so all I have to do is go to quidco and click on the site I want to buy from through there and the cashback goes on automatically?

    I think its best to clear cookies before you go onto quidco too because (well-with topcashback) if you've already visited the site the cashback doesn;t register - hope that makes sense.

    The Book People (free delivery codes posted on here) do some good book offers and have a Horrid Henry set, and Red House Books are good too with free delivery.

    You're a great mum-have a brill Christmas:thumbsup:

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    Oh wow! I love those didicars, haven't seen them before, will definitely check out youtube and see what the deal is with those but I am sure Harley would love one! Thank you

    I'm just mooching about on quidco now to see which sites you can get cashback on and seems to be hundreds! Why have I never signed up before?! lol

    Have just bought the horrid henry set on the book ppl for harley, she'll love that, thank you so much

    I got a pre-owned DS for £60 if they want one of it from Game, looked brand new:thumbsup:

    Also, u said u've got a Wii....if u need games check out this website....tells you where to buy it the cheapest:thumbsup:

    Also u've said about an Ipod....what about a shuffle, u can pic the older ones up for about £25 now I think…tdx

    i know this is mostly for younger kids but i got the leapfrog for under £30 less quidco and points-worth a look?

    Get them carnival games for the Wii, it's always really cheap to pick up and all ages seem to love it.

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    oooo fantastic! I just got 15 horrid henry books for £12.99 plus free delivery and 8% cashback...hehe I like this!
    Will hunt out carnival games for wii now
    Thank you all so much!

    Sainsburys had the furreals half price yesterday instore.

    sorry don't know the exact price but loads of peeps were bying them.


    Sainsburys had the furreals half price yesterday instore.sorry don't know … Sainsburys had the furreals half price yesterday instore.sorry don't know the exact price but loads of peeps were bying them.

    Oh yh I saw those too and the 'Alive' ones too, they were £9.99:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I don't have a sainsburys close by but my mum does, I will see if she can pop in for me
    Thank you

    Right, well, I guess I should break up WW3 commencing behind me!

    Thank you all again…gur

    i got these for DD, as she id horrid henry mad, they are from b&m

    If the oldest daughter hasn't had a mobile before then you can pick up an okay PAYG for fairly cheap and I doubt she would know that it hasn't cost hundreds.…PAY

    I know nothing about this phone (]review) but it popped up as being colourful, claims to have a 'touchscreen', FM radio and (with memory card expansion) is an MP3 player. It was £39.99 including the mandatory £10 top up on a bunch of the networks.

    You can get cheaper phones but I thought it looked more expensive than it was.

    horrid henry book set 12,99 the book people my daughter loves them and the annuals are 3.97 or two for seven in most supermarkets now.

    As far as the Wiimote/game issue get them a copy of WiiPlay as it comes with a second remote and is full of minigames to play on christmas.

    For other games i'd try to find some cheap second hand ones in Game, Gamestation, CEX or Ebay. With the former i'd check the box and discs before you pay to make sure no scratches or rips are present but with ebay you take your chances. Some people take care of their games so you may get some in almost mint condition and as long as the boxes aren't scuffed the kids won't know.

    ]Horrid Henry album £3

    Original Poster

    Thank you all I really appreciate you taking the time to post

    I've written a very quick list bearing in mind I literally have around £50-£60 each

    I was thinking....
    Cait 8yrs - Karoke Machine, Smoothie Maker, Dress/Outfit, Pair of Boots (and Ive already got her a hairstyler thingy)
    Harley 6yrs - Horrid Henry Books, Icecream Parlour, Dress/Outfit, Pair of Boots & VIP Pet (thingymajig? littlest petshop)

    I know it doesnt sound like a lot and compared to the amount I had saved for them both it really doesn't compare but it's all I have now
    I need to get some good deals on all of them and then I need wii games/mote which I can bundle with the wii console which will be a joint present for them

    Do you think that sounds ok? Hmmm...Makes me so angry that they should had had more

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    I'm driving myself up the wall trying to find this one toy I saw on it's for my son and its the last present I wanted to buy for him, it was a dinosaur playset but it's just disappeared from the site! I can't remember the name of it at all it was around £24.99 and it was out of stock so I done the email me when back in stock, I was looking for it this morning to get the proper name for it so I could see if it was being sold elsewhere

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    Caitlin likes the wizards of waverly place, I can see a few bits n bobs online to do with the show, I wanted to get a wii game but can only seem to find the ds game, they no longer have ds's so no good

    Anything more specific on the dinosaur thing as 'dinosaur playset' is in the title of a suprisingly high number of toys.

    'Fisher price imaginext T-Rex mountain' was that the toy? I did a cache search of the toyshop website to get to the old removed pages called dinosaur playset.

    Original Poster

    Omg omg omg! your complete star, thats it!!!

    Sorry, I'm not the best at explaining things...its usually that thingy over there you know...that doodah!

    Thank you so much, so does that mean its been removed completely from the toyshop now?

    Original Poster

    jeeeez I thought it was only £24.99 or there abouts!

    pcnutta;6893570] are the rage now and you can check them out on you tube

    Thanks for that, just cost me another £40 now!! These look cool and of course, I've bought it for my 2 girls!!


    jeeeez I thought it was only £24.99 or there abouts!

    It seems it was that price but now I can't find the item listed anywhere.

    Must be out of production or something now. Nearest i could find was the Imaginext Dragon Fortress for £49.99 at Argos.

    Other than that I found a few cool Play Mobil Dinosaur ones. The Triceratops comes with a mother and baby and volcano (£23) that erupts and there are others.…=36

    Cheaper elsewhere but this has better pictures.


    I may be thirty but after looking at the Playmobil site I've decided i want a pirate ship for Christmas and I don't care what anyone else thinks.
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