Gift idea & deal please for a few kids (neighbours)

    1- for a 10 years old that loves football -we are not a "football" family at all so havent even got a a clue on where to look, but want to buy a little something for a very nice / polite boy that lives next door.
    2- for a hyperactive 4 yo
    3- for 1yos old twins
    4- 8 yo spoilt but nice boy
    5- 2 yo God Son

    sorry my list keeps growing and growing!!

    Thank you!!



    heres something thats a little wacky what about a football

    Original Poster

    a football??

    very original - but simpliest things are the best really, we'll see what other suggestions come up, thanks! :thumbsup:



    where? :?

    a sports shop would be a good start

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    sorry I meant

    heres something thats a little wacky what about a football

    heres= where ??? :oops:

    sorry Had a loooong day !!

    one way tickets to oz for 6 kids - lol!

    For your godson what about those books you can put his name and address and animals names into, which you can read to him and then he'll always have (I was given them every year and still have them yeeeears later).
    For the little ones, it may sound silly, but get a few little things from poundland or woolworths or whsmith etc and wrap them all up seperatly, half the joy when you are that young is the ripping of the paper and wonder of what is inside.

    sports direct are really good loads of sporty stuff and at a good price, footballs top, goalie gloves even better if you no what team he likes as they have loads of branded stuff,
    4 year old ... maybe puzzles or play dough something to sit and concentrate with
    twins... love musical toys early learning center
    8yr i would say same as 10 year old

    2yr ... same as twins

    How much are you looking to spend?

    We got a wii game for the 8yr old next door because we didnt know what else to get him. I know he has a wii and checked what games he has. There are quite a few you can get for under £10. The other 3 kids (we have 2 either side) were easier to buy for because they are all young

    My 8 yr old loves star wars lego, they were 3for2 in boots, He also loves reading Horrid Henry books - they're in 'works' for only £1each. Argos have some horrid Henry toys/practical joke kits, not on offer but only £9.99. :santa:

    Original Poster

    thank you for all your suggestions so far, rep given :thumbsup:

    was looking to spend around £ 10-15 - more for my Godson!
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