Gift Idea for a new mum (i'm terrible at gifts)

Found 21st Nov 2017
Hi there. So my niece has just had a baby. Haven't had chance to come and see her yet because i live so far away and work schedule and what not. I was thinking of getting her some kind of Post-partum care package online. I wondered if anybody had any ideas on where to start, or any recommendations?
cheers guys
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Spa treatment? Let hubby deal with diapers for a day.
New parent here (it’s why I’m up at half 5) and some of the things we got that helped us. We had loads of new born stuff, more than we knew what to do with but after a few months they grew out of them and all of a sudden we had nothing so song bigger sizes are handy even if they look at you funny.

if they use dummy’s you can never have too many. the same with nappies and wipes.

also a spa day would have been nice!
Clothes for beyond newborn are great we really appreciated having best part of 6 months worth of wardrobe given to us. If you do go for older stuff bear in mind the season they may be the right size for... no good having a 6 month size winter all in one if the baby won’t fit it until spring/summer!
You can also never have enough wipes and nappies! A great thing we have bought new parents (having had one ourselves) is a bath support.
Care package for the baby nappies, baby grows, wet wipes, baby bath products, cotton wool buds put it all in a baby bath wrap it like a hamper.
For the mum with ready to eat food and hot drink stuff. Nice biscuits, sweets, chocolate, cakes, hot chocolate, coffee, etc.
Some gifts are very nice and useful and some are a complete waste of time.

You cannot go wrong with cash or one of those loaded credit cards. Yes it's less thoughtful to some but to most it will still be very appreciated.

As Dannyrobbo stated they had loads of newborn stuff but newborn lasts how long?
Book “what to expect in the first year” is really useful for new mums
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