Gift ideas?, for a 1 year old

Ok I'd Like to start off by saying £20-£30 maximum for this...

I'm looking for a present for my nephew, but I haven't got a clue of what to buy a baby, looking at it this way, no point getting him clothes as he will get millions of other relatives and friends. so I'm looking for a toy I believe, I first thought Duplo but I'm starting to think the pieces may be too small :thinking:

I know back in my school days we had to design a toy for a little en and the main things to look for are big bold bright colours and some sort of safe movement...

If I don't find anything by 2moz I will just get him a large cardboard box from work, every kid loves boxes :-D

this all probably reads wrong but hey, not to worry


Having a little boy myself i can advise
Train set is the way to go! Or, instruments, my little boy loved ANYTHING that makes noise, and the bonus is, since you dont live there it doesnt matter there noisey!
I can get you some links to suitable things if youd like?

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hmmmm yeah sounds good i'm in York until wednesday so may try to see if i can get something noisey for him from here, true about the noise not affecting me...

I'm sure my brother will love me for it too...

so yeah link away

It says 2 year old, but i wouldnt worry, looks suitable to me and only £10 :


Other toys reasonably priced :



elc.co.uk/toy…d=2 - noisy!

Also, heres a link for you to look for this on your own, its quite good, as you pick the age range, and your price range Ive gave the link for 1-2 years, but you can change this easiley as youll see :

elc.co.uk/age-3 - dont ask why it says age 3 as when you click its 1-2!

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cool cheers out of the ones posted I believe the 100 natural and coloured wooden bricks, would be best for him, just so I can play with them too... and the crashing sound they will make when they hit the wooden floor at my brothers *Insert evil laugh here*

thanks again.

now all i have to do is fin an Early Learning Centre in York, oh the joy

:giggle: if you like i can have a look through argos for you?
I really dont mind

Does this help

Early Learning Centre
Address: 22/24 Market Street
GB - York YO1 2SJ
Tel: 01904 645836

Thinking forward to next year: the ELC site has a parents & friends club. If you join they will send you a 20% off dicount voucher and a special treat for the child.

Too late for this year as it can take up to eight weeks for your membership to be activated but they provide give gift ideas for children ages 0-6.

The best present I can think of for a one year old is a trampoline. One of the little ones with a handle to hold on to. They are great fun and excellent for building up the childs strength. Not only that, but they are also like a waterproof mat where the child can sit to have a drink or a snack without making a mess on the carpet. Or you can cover it with a blanket and make a den. My kids enjoyed their trampolines for years, probably from the age of 1 up to about 5. My eight year old enjoyed hers so much we have bought her a big one now she's older.

Have a look at the Boots learning through play toys.I've bought my nephew the car transporter which also helps with counting and colours.There's lots of other really nice toys and with the 3for2 offer you could get him loads and be his favourite Auntie!
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