gift ideas for a 21st birthday prezzie for my niece?? up to £50ish budget

    as above any bright ideas?

    gave her jewellery on her 18th so would like something different


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    sorry think in wrong area can the mods please move thanks :roll:

    Bag? perfume? money towards driving lessons?

    2 crystal champagne flutes from Tiffany are circa £50 and a nice keepsake, well presented and good for special occasions


    2 crystal champagne flutes from Tiffany are circa £50 and a nice … 2 crystal champagne flutes from Tiffany are circa £50 and a nice keepsake, well presented and good for special occasions

    Please could you post the link. I can not seem to get past the home page on Tiffanys site and if i do nothing opens. :x

    My 21st last week, I know you got her jewellery for her 18th, but I wouldnt say that matters. Is a good option, something she can keep etc. How about a charm bracelet?

    Alternatively, take her out to see a show

    How about a proper adult fancy jewellery box? I got one for my sisters 21st in August and she was absolutely thrilled with it. She said its nice to have something that she will keep forever and when shes an old lady she'll tell her grand children that her big sister bought it her when she turned 21.
    Bit soppy I know, but she's very sentimental.
    NJDean do some gorgeous ones for around the £50 mark and some have musical movements and you can choose the tune from a big list.

    if you fancy the flutes...

    these are a bit over budget at £80 for a pair, they have others at £80 (they used to only be £60 when i got mine!) but i'm sure any 21 year old will love them... we have a pair and people always assume they're worth alot more because of the brand etc and they always come out for special occasions…-t+

    crystal martini glass for £35…-t+

    single champange flutes for £25 each... several designs…-t+…-t+…-t+…-t+

    how about nice pair of shoes, chicks just love shoes:thumbsup:

    how about lottery tickets,I gave grandaughter couple when in hospital,(I know its not the same thing) but she was chuffed and won a fiver,at least its different

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    thanks for all your replys but none really suit

    she dont drink so glasses dont seem right

    shoes...well she more a boot kind of girl

    lotto tickets not really a 21st prezzie??

    jewellery box is a maybe but still looking for ideas???


    :thumbsup:give her the money, so she can get something she really likes.

    what about one of those activity days things? spa/make over/ scuba diving lesson type thing.

    Aspinal of London have some lovely things, very smart leather goods like photo albums and address books, things which 30 years down the line she will still be using. Expensive but a great present.

    Get some favourite photos online, send them to any online photo place, most do the photo books (proper hardback books). Varoius offers around, I did one recently for a friend, cost £30 (but there are lots of offers around). Once I had selected the photos, it was all done automatically and I added my own comments / text. it is the comments that bring it to life. Brought tears to her eyes and will last forever. A lot less time than doing a scrapbook which I have done for people before.

    what about looking on thanks darling website they have occasions and gift ideas on there aimed at birthdays christmas etc, could find the perfect idea there

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    again thanks for all your ideas, i really like the photobook iglimpse :thumbsup:
    will deffo do this for several prezzies in near future :-D
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