Gift ideas for a supervisor

    So I've been in Thailand for a few weeks now on a Biology internship. There is this girl in my lab that has been helping me these past few weeks. I think I should give her a leaving gift to thank her for training me. Any ideas what I should get her? She is a buddist, maybe I could get something related to her religion? I dont know, need help.



    I wouldn't re;ate it to her faith, just an ordinary thank you gift would be best - and a thoughtful card. Chocs? Flowers? A posh mug?

    Anyone else that you could ask that works with her for some ideas

    I'd do the one of the standard offerings: flowers, chocolates, cake, meal out.
    Or if you have something British then that could be cool, I dunno what though.

    give her some rubbers and offer to share with her!!!!

    a nice scarf?

    flowers is a bit...woah there kiddo!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the suggestions, anymore?

    Scarf in Thailand, its a bit crazy.
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