Gift ideas for baby shower's?

    Hi All
    My friend is having a baby shower next month and i need ideas on what to get her.
    they don't know the the sex of the baby, so need to keep it neutral.
    i'm thinking of making her a hamper, but a bit clueless on what to add.
    Baby is due in August.


    I know its on flea bay but have you seen the bunches of flowers they make its made out of face cloths! they also make other things that are different and great for a baby shower hope this helped

    I have done a few different things for baby showers - 1 bought some cream jumper suits, the REALLY soft snuggly kind 2 - bought a foot muff (really cosy thing that goes on the buggy to get them warm) 3 - made up a hamper as you have suggested of all the bits of bobs that will be needed from boots, i.e wipes, cream lotions and potions!

    put in nappy cake on ebay and see if there is anything there

    It's always nice to get something for the mum too.
    As well as stuff for the baby, I got a mini bottle of champagne (the party was quite close to the birth, so she didn't have to wait too long!) and a glass that had 'Yummy Mummy' on it. She liked it.

    My friend has a little toy giraffe called Sofie it's for teething and when we get together all the babies want it. I'm getting one of those for my friends new baby

    Also, if you're after clothes, someone posted this earlier. They usually have nice neutral things, so might be worth a look...…s-/

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    Hi Guys
    i'm loving the nappie cake idea, never seen that before.

    The best thing my friend got for me was a changebag FULL (I mean FULL) with thing I would need going out and about with my daughter (nappies, wipes, rash cream, bags, bibs, toys - that kind of thing) and a few added things for when I would go into hospital (a book, some comfy socks, an oversized t-shirt)

    hi, i made a gift basket for my friend when she was having a baby but started buying things early on, by the time she was due i had loads. Here is a pic of the basket i did.

    i do hampers for all my friends i put in calpol, infacol, nasal drops, nasal extractor, nail clippers, baby wipes, nuk dummies, baby vicks, and karvol drops and breast cream for the mum, i know some of the things are not needed until a later date i.e calpol but you can guarantee a child gets ill when you least expect it and have no products

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    i like the idea of doing a hamper and maybe cooperate the nappy cake idea in their too.

    Hey, my closest friend is having a baby soon too (August) & she had her last scan to find the sex of the baby & it crossed it legs and put its hands in the way
    Im thinking of getting a hand and feet moulding kit, so she can see how tiny the baby was when its all grown up.
    Hope this helps

    I had the idea of getting a first aid kit. Emptying the contents and putting in the following baby emergency items.

    1 dummy
    1 bottle calpol
    1 bottle gripe water
    1 tube bonjela
    1 teething ring
    1 packet plasters

    and if all above dont work

    1 pair ear plugs


    I had the idea of getting a first aid kit. Emptying the contents and … I had the idea of getting a first aid kit. Emptying the contents and putting in the following baby emergency items.1 dummy1 bottle calpol1 bottle gripe water1 tube bonjela1 teething ring1 packet plastersand if all above dont work1 pair ear plugs

    Thats a good idea actually

    I am planning a baby shower for my friend in a few weeks, for mine they bought a lovely white frame and a permanent marker and everyone who came signed it with a wee message. It now has a picture of my daughter in it and sits in her room its lovely to look at and remember who was all there that night

    My childrens god parents did a time capsule with the events world wide, on the day they were born, newspapers, magazines, books, dvds, cd's, photos, and lots of bits and pieces.
    Something you can put together thats personal.
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