Gift Ideas for Dad's Birthday

No idea what to get him. He's not a fan of DVDs or Blu-rays - he never watches a film more than once. Theres no new music I'm aware that he wants, and any books he usually just gets from the library.

As a poor student, I'm looking at £20 or less. Any good (sensible) ideas?



There are other sites apart from Play

What about a nice top or shirt? Next are not bad for that sort of thing.

How old is he?

What about getting a picture he likes and making it bigger, put it in a nice frame etc?
I did this at Christmas for my grandad.. I got a picture patched up on photoshop and then blown up. I have to say it looks really nice but I love black and white/old photos anyway!
Digital picture frame?
Aftershave? My Dad says he doesnt normally buy himself the decent stuff and likes getting it as a present.

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Wallet?There are other sites apart from Play

Haha. Yes there are. I've also tried looking if there was any comedy/music local that he'd like to see but couldn't see anything...

He'd only moan that it hasn't got the right number of compartments in the right place etc that his current one has...

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He's in his 40's, the top end...

I have no idea how many X's he'd need for any tops... may have a look though.

He's already got quite a few blown up pictures around the house/office, and he doesn't see the point the digital photo frames when you can whack them onto the tv...

Awkward, I know...

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Set him up with one of your mates

Can I also point out he's happily married.

a pipe and slippers and a top glossy mens mag with stunning pics inside

Sounds like an ideal candidate for a voucher

A DAB radio,then i saw your budget,oops,alcohol

How about spending day together, take him for lunch/brunch and perhaps go and have a game of snooker or ten pin bowling.
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