Gift ideas for Mummy?!

Really struggling finding a gift from a little boy to his mummy. I need ideas and inspiration please? Thanks x

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A floating light up (when it hits the water) Duck , and a few bath bombs I reckon would go down well .

Defo bath bombs agree with rogparki on this one. Head to Lush and u wont go wrong

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She's not a fan of bath bombs but thanks lol


She's not a fan of bath bombs but thanks lol

But the duck will go down well - I love mine

I reckon most mums would be happy with; dressing gown, slippers, candles, framed picture, picture mug (anything personalised with kids pictures are good), toiletries, nice moisturiser, chocolate chocolate chocolate......

As a mummy to a 4 year old I think there are some lovely ideas on this site. Vouchers codes available too (15% off with code CHRISTMAS)


Depends on your price range but may give you ideas you can search for elsewhere...
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Yankee Candles and chocs puts a smile on my face everytime

Candles, choc, a box of hugs (my daughter once made me a box of kisses by kissing paper with lipstick and cutting them out) nail polish?
I love this necklace my friend sent bonniebling.co.uk/col…ace

So cute for Christmas

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Thanks guys, keep em coming. Brilliant ideas but burning bought yet :-(

Maybe a TV box set or film she likes?

A nice poem?

Jellybean machine dispenser thingy filled with mouthwatering jelly belly beans

A Yankee candle is a gag gift for someone you don't know and possibly don't like much. Why are you buying her a gift 'from a little boy', are you the other parent?

Surely you KNOW her? Give her something that she'll like. She's more than just 'a mum'.


Personalised things using the sons drawings, footprints, photos etc.
Mugs with a drawing on, photo frames etc. I have 4 kids and prefer those kinds of presents. bangle with kids date of birth on etc x

When mine were little, one year for their dad, I got them to make a hand print in a circle of clay which they they added glitter to to make the hand print standout. Then around the outside of the hand print you can write their name (or they can if they're old enough). We still have the handprints framed on the wall and it's a lovely reminder of when they were little.

Why not ask your mum what she wants rather than strangers on the internet??

A watch? I bought my mum one yesterday.

my brother in law got my sister fairy liquid for xmas that went.down well

I once bought my mum a toilet brush for Xmas lol I was about 8

How about something like this

your partner fills it in about the time they spend together
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