Gift ideas please!

    Anyone any ideas for reasonably inexpensive gifts to give to a female friend undergoing chemo - wanted something other than chocs or flowers! Some ideas on some websites but these seem very expensive as gift boxes. Thanks.


    Without sounding clichéd the best thing you could probably give her would be your time and an ear. Popping round for a cuppa and a biscuit or even just phoning for a chat. But chemo takes a long time so I would go for books or magazines. Or puzzle books but nothing too taxing. Even adult colouring books and pens.

    Embroidery kit? It might feel a bit constructive, a little achievement, and if she gets into it as a new hobby, she could give as little gifts to friends?

    A basket of 'Pure' toiletries from Waitrose, ingredients are suited to anyone having chemo and great for the resultant dry skin, and very reasonable indeed.

    How about some audio books? A little escapism. Easy listening, nice and relaxing and don't take any effort if your friend isn't up to it. Not too expensive and maybe you could lend them a playing device if they need it?

    A cactus. They grow cute little flowers (some) and they're resilient little b*ggers.

    Day trip to some places, not too taxing. No paintballing or canoeing, maybe open air concert (so if she's too tired she can stay in car) or seaside. Has she any children? If so she's probably more worried about them than herself, so taking all family for a McDonalds or such would relieve a lot of stress, as would taking children to and from school etc. She needs physical care, but stress is too often overlooked. I wish her well, and she is lucky to have a friend who cares like you obviously do.
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    When my sister started her chemo I bought her an adult colouring book with some pencils and a selection of magazines. Then when I attended some sessions I would nip to McDonalds and get her a Mc Flurry, much to the envey of the nursing staff ( I did offer to get them one but they always refused whilst working)

    A luxurious towel made from Egyptian cotton. Pillow from asda photo lab with a personalised picture on. Or anything from the range of photo stuff.

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    Thanks for all of the good ideas so far - she has children but they are adults now....... it's a horrible time for her and the family and no doubt countless others in the same situation.
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