Gift ideas please between £5 & £10 will go to £20 PLEASE HELP

    Please I need ideas ASAP, my partner and I had agreed not to buy each other anything this year for valentines and spend the money we save on a holiday, but he has just said he thought we agreed to spend between £5 and £10 on a small gift. I have no idea what to get him has anyone got any ideas please. I would be willing to go to £20 just to find something quick. Thanks in advance. I will leave rep for anyone who replys with helpful comments.


    Tesco have a nice looking bottle of pink fizzy wine and chocs for £5.00.
    Some people have said the wine is really nice. Plus the butchery counter in Tesco suppose to have sirloin 1/2 price on the weekend

    Original Poster

    thanks thats a good idea, i have left u rep. xxx

    happy to help

    Nice box of Thorntons?

    a few cheeky Valentine things from Poundland...!


    Nice box of Thorntons?

    Morrisons have big box of thortons on promo 5 from 10.99
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