Gifts for 70+ yr olds

    They're so hard to buy for! Any sensible gift ideas please? Thanks


    really nice house slippers or shoes..a voucher for M&S,Waitrose etc so they can buy goodies for themselves.


    Depending on who for, hamper, slippers, smellies, whisky (sent to grandad this yr instead of a hamper)


    If they're mobile National Trust membership for the year? A photobox (or other photo site) photo book with photos of either them over the years or family & friends, Groupon afternoon tea voucher, or dinner voucher, again if active what about cheap flights to Europe, we went to Varenna in Italian lakes, flights were £10 each. Hope these help.

    should be same as everyone else. get them what they need/like. if into garden buy garden stuff if into travelling get them some travel items etc.

    I quite often buy my 85 year old grandmother tickets to the theatre or an outing. She lives in a small property and appreciates something to look forward to rather than an item that she hasn't got room for. Afternoon tea somewhere,
    would be a nice gift.

    pjs or slippers x

    Always found DVD sets of old comedies, CD's of old radio shows etc go down well, I wouldn't buy slippers (unless they have specifically requested them).

    some really nice earings in the Pandora shop for under 40 quid.

    Afternoon tea , a treatment, haircut, manicure, pedicure, cinema voucher, stately home visit.concert tickets

    Are they gardeners? I bought my Grandad a bug / bee hotel from Boots that came with a couple of pots of honey... Amazon sell some without the honey...…tel might not be for everyone, but supposed to be good for the garden and something a bit different.

    National Geographic magazine subscription, but really they just want a kindly family member to spend time with them. Best wishes choosing

    depends what their interests are - my own 75 year old appreciates stuff for his Norton motorcycle for instance, but a hamper of nice deli items that would not normally be purchased is usually welcome.

    time. most important thing you can give to someone

    Some nice comfy slippers

    They're not dead yet, how about an Amazon echo? They've probably got dozens of pairs of slippers and pipes.

    quite difficult because i've got a 75yo uncle who's fully connected to everything digital. dave gorman's elderly neighbour has never gone on the internet! depending on how much of a luddite they are, i'd ensure they are on the net and if they're not, get them connected
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