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Found 16th Sep 2009
Looking for ideas for my toddler to give to one of my best friends at her wedding. Something unusual that'll be a nice keepsake... any suggestions?
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A nice necklace and/or bracelet.
yeah something a bit different from the usual horseshoe etc....
How about a Me to You teddy bear with a special message on, I know you can get a lot of weddingy ones so you might be able to find a suitable one, and us grown up ladies love them!! You might struggle to get your toddler to part with it though.

yeah something a bit different from the usual horseshoe etc....

horseshoe with the leg still attahced. :thumbsup:
I was married 2 months ago and got a framed, hand-drawn crayon picture of my (to be) husbnd and I from our 6-year-old pageboy! It was the cutest thing and meant so much more to us than something bought.

Plus, how cool that for a peice of paper and a cheap frame from the range, you can give a gift that's so priceless :thumbsup:

EDIT: I see you've got a toddler which may make this more difficult but how about a framed handprint to which you can add 'thank you for letting me be your flower girl xx' or something ???
at my cousins wedding they gave silver solid hearts with the names on them and thankyou on the back... in a little bok x
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