Gifts for girls

    looking for a cheap gift for my 10 year old sister, help! does argos have any cheap clothing/toys for girls

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    does she have a loom band kit?? loom bands have become a craze at the moment, especially with so many youtube videos tutorials to watch available

    amazon have great deals on at the moment for loom kits, just check HIKD


    How cheap are we talking here? What's your budget?

    I'd go with the loom option mentioned above. They're everywhere at the moment.

    Agreed about the loom band there are kids everywhere making them aged from 5 up to about 13 you can also buy the boards* (not sure if they have a special name) That can help her learn to make them if she hasn't made any before

    Failing the loom band you can always use the money you'd buy on a gift and put it in a card. I know some people think that's lazy but all kids love to have their own money so they can buy what they want. You don't want to buy a gift she doesn't really want and it be shoved under the bed. It's a safe option but saves rushing around if you're running out of time.
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